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Trust as a proxy of certainty
Presentation at the Transatlantic science week conference, Washington, 12 November

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CORE project workshop, New Delhi, November 11.
Presentation on The state and social justice.
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Security as ethics (in German)

Keynote address to the conference Sichere Zeiten, hosted by the German Ministry of Research and Education.

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Terrorism and responsibility (in Norwegian)

Keynote address to the annual research conference of the Norwegian Police College.
Text in Norwegian here
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Subjectivity, vulnerability and temporality: The accusation

Living in Surveillance Societies workshop on Time and security, Lund, 31 January, 2013.
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Mapping uncertainties and black swans in dealing with traditional and non-traditional security threats
ESPAS Regional Conference India, South and Central Asia in 2030
New Dehli, 24 September


Five remarks on border security
SRC2011 EU Security Research Conference presentation
Warsaw, 20 September


Security as ethos and episteme
DECTECTER project conference presentation
Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo, 10 February


Security in the Clouds
Future Internet, Ghent, 15 December.

Nasjonale og internasjonale perspektiver: Begrep og praksis i forskning om samfunnssikkerhet og risiko
SAMRISK Annual Conference, Stavanger, 14-15 October

The Internal Security Strategy and the new security culture
Essen Security Inovation Forum, Essen, 6 October

Security as a prerequisite of prosperity
EU Security Research Conference 2010, Ostende
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Trust, security and insecurity
Ethical and Policy Implications of Global Mobility and Security
European Parliament, Brussels, 23 September

Norsk samfunnssikkerhet i en global verden: Kritisk blikk på norske myndigheters bruk av samfunnssikkerhetsbegrepet
Presented at the SORISK final workshop
Stavanger, 16 September

The Time of security: From preventive to pre-emptive security economies
Presented at the ECPR SGIR conference
Stockholm, 6 September.

Societal security and security R & D
Presented at the Workshop on ‘Societal Security’ in Research and Development
European Commission
Brussels, 1 July

The fragile subject of security
Presented at New Landscapes of Justice and Security, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law
Oslo, 1 June

Value uncertainty
Institute for European Studies
Brussels, 2 February

Value and the subject of security: The Nietzschean moment.
The Biopolitics of ‘Value(s)’, Keele University
Keele, 20 January


Notes on Elspeth Guild, Understanding security and migration in the twenty-first century
CEPS, 21 October 2009.

What is security culture? The new ethos of risk

Value issues in border controls
Warsaw, FRONTEX, 4 December.

The porosity of security
INEX mid-term conference, Brussels, CEPS, 29 November.

Theory of violence
Seminar on Comparative Violence, Vassar College, 13 September.

The ethical subject of security
University of Amsterdam, International Seminar on ethics and security, Amsterdam, 28 August.

Crimes of uncertainty
SRA annual conference, Karlstad, 29 June.

Security and the ethics of uncertainty
Stockholm, VALDOR, 9 June.

The time of security
CHALLENGE concluding conference, CEPS, Brussels, 19 May.

Securitizing Water: A Case Study of the Indus Water Basin
Challenges of Global Change, 7th International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, Bonn, 26-30 April.