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Interview on EKKO about cultural differences in security expectations, 1 March, 2013 (in Norwegian).

EKKO interview

Dagsnytt 18 appearance surrounding ‘The bureaucratization of terrorism’, 25 January, 2013 (in Norwegian).

Dagsnytt 18 debate.

Terrorismens byråkratisering (The Bureaucratization of Terrorism) in Morgenbladet, 25 January, 2013.
Read here. (Google translation here).

» Notes on European political culture




Club Europa in Lampedusa

A completely unique conjuncture of events has brought a new wave of undocumented migration to Europe and with it a new wave of principled challenges to European responses to it.

There is widespread awareness in Europe and elsewhere of the tidal change set off by the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia. Now overshadowed by hyper-mediatized events in Egypt, the ousting of Tunisia’s longstanding president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali on January 14 was in some ways more decisive and dramatic than events in Egypt, though less networked. It is however Egypt, long-time ally of the United States, neighbor to Israel, perhaps the closest we can find to an Arab super-power, stole the show with its facebook ousting of Hosni Mubarak.

Yet while the mass manifestations of democratic aspirations in Egypt lead Euro-Americans to wipe a tear of self-affirmation, the democratic aspirations of Tunisians has quickly morphed into a security threat to Europe. Built on lofty principles, the European Union talks the talk, and is once again called upon to walk the walk of migrant and human rights. [ More… ]

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The Internal Security Strategy and the new security culture
Essen Security Inovation Forum, Essen, 6 October

What is security culture? The new ethos of risk

» Publications - articles & chapters

Modernity and Political Culture: Ulrich Beck’s Theory of a Cosmopolitan Europe, in Ekavi Athanassopoulou (ed.) United in Diversity? European Integration and Political Cultures, London / New York: Tauris: 51-67.

Simmel and the Federalist Vision: Between Cultural and Economic Value, in Jean-Christophe Merle. (ed.) Globalisering der Öffentlichkeit? Berlin, Akademie Verlag.

Media, Peace and Conflict, Transformator 3(2) 2004: 82-88.

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Spenningsfeltet mellom kulturell og økonomisk verdi i forvaltning av kulturarv i EU (The tension between cultural and economic value in the management of cultural heritage in the EU)

Brief for the Norwegian Department of Education, July 2006

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