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Security and prosperity

The romance of security and economics goes way back, at least in modern times. Historians tell us that before the modern age, security was more akin to peace of mind. It was a spiritual matter and a largely religious one. From around the Feudal period, society’s need for a more objective security became visible, and with it the willingness to pay for security. The transition to modern times saw the transformation of security into a commodity.

Today, in the post-post-Cold War setting, security is not only inseparable from economics; it is entirely unthinkable without it. In our time, security has become industrialized. We look overwhelmingly to industrial innovation to give us solutions to security challenges. Societies put their trust in technology and in the hands of the industries that produce them. [ More… ]

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Security as a prerequisite of prosperity
EU Security Research Conference 2010, Ostende
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Simmel and the Federalist Vision: Between Cultural and Economic Value, in Jean-Christophe Merle. (ed.) Globalisering der Öffentlichkeit? Berlin, Akademie Verlag.