Topic: ethics

» Talks - academic presentations

Security as ethics (in German)

Keynote address to the conference Sichere Zeiten, hosted by the German Ministry of Research and Education.

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Terrorism and responsibility (in Norwegian)

Keynote address to the annual research conference of the Norwegian Police College.
Text in Norwegian here
Audio in Norwegian here

Security as ethos and episteme
DECTECTER project conference presentation
Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo, 10 February

Value uncertainty
Institute for European Studies
Brussels, 2 February

The ethical subject of security
University of Amsterdam, International Seminar on ethics and security, Amsterdam, 28 August.

Security and the ethics of uncertainty
Stockholm, VALDOR, 9 June.

» Talks - public lectures

Video lecture: Ten years of terror, University of Leeds, Histories of Violence project, 24 October
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» Publications - articles & chapters

La nouvelle éthique politique de la sécurité, Ethiques et économiques 7(20)

The ethical challenges of human security in the age of globalisation, Rethinking Human Security: 49-64.

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» Research - current projects

The liberal peace and the ethics of peacebuilding
Research Council of Norway (2007-2009).
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