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» Talks - academic presentations

Security as ethics (in German)

Keynote address to the conference Sichere Zeiten, hosted by the German Ministry of Research and Education.

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Trust, security and insecurity
Ethical and Policy Implications of Global Mobility and Security
European Parliament, Brussels, 23 September

» Publications - briefs & opinions

The societal impact of security research

PRIO Policy Brief 9/2012

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Security as ethics

PRIO Policy Brief 6/2008

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Human values and security technologies

PRIO Policy Brief 9/2007

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» Talks - public lectures

Hva er sikkerhet [What is security]?
Speech to the concluding conference of the Norwegian Research Council, SAMRISK Research Programme, Oslo, 7 June.

Den nye ‘Festung Europa’: Teknologi, personvern og det liberale samfunnet (The new ‘Fortress Europe’: Technology, privacy and liberal society)
Sikkerhetsdagene, Trondheim, Norway, 14 November.

» Publications - articles & chapters

There is no European security, only European securities, Cooperation and conflict 44(3): 309-328.

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… a serenity of still and exquisite brilliance…’: Technology and Subjectivity in Christa Wolf’s Störfal, in Theo D’Haen (ed.). Narrative Turns and Minor Genres in Postmodernism, Amsterdam/Atlanta, Georgia: Rodopi.

» Publications - books

Culture and Rationality: European Frameworks of Norwegian Identity, Kristiansand, Norwegian University Press.