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Europe’s new security providers

Here is a riddle. Who or what authority is it that will assure or not assure the sovereignty of Greece and by consequence a number of other European member states in the months and years to come?

Well, we can safely say that it will not be President Karolos Papoulias, the current Greek government, or the national Parliament. No, it is not the European Commission or the European Council, at least not directly. If you guessed the new Franco-German Eurozone alliance, you would be getting warmer, but still be wrong. The International Monetary Fund or the World Bank? Close, but no. [ More… ]

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Finance and European identity

Members of the Eurozone, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarokzy agreed on 25 March to coordinate financial support to help Greece face its debt problems. The following day the European Council put its weight behind the agreement, solving, at least for the moment, the Greek debt crisis.

The crisis has set off an extraordinary set of political events on the European playing field. In a new way it unexpectedly raised old issues of European identity, of inclusion and exclusion in Europe, this time relative to the Eurozone. [ More… ]

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Research Council of Norway (2008-2010).
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